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Las Vegas 2014 World Conference

Come to Las Vegas and learn about the new IT and how the next wave is changing business intelligence. How do we manage and deal with information and get it into the right hands? We'll look at big data and the enterprise data warehouse, but with a focus on information and how it works across organizations and departments. You'll have the opportunity to learn about BI from both sides (that is, ownership and collaboration between business and IT); designing your company’s data strategy; the information supply chain; and more. We'll also look at overcoming information overload with best practices in visualization, so that information consumers receive a signal instead of noise.

  • Understanding Big Data So You Can Act with Confidence

    Automating information integration and governance and employing it at the point of data creation helps organizations boost confidence in their big data. A solid information integration and governance program should include automated discovery, profiling, and understanding of diverse data sets to provide context, as well as enable employees to make informed decisions. IBM InfoSphere is designed to do all of these things by evolving information integration and governance to meet the challenges presented by big data.